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When the pandemic hit Australian shores in early 2020, and cities and states started locking down, there was a strong feeling of fear and uncertainty permeating throughout the community. Businesses were closing and overnight there were millions of people lining up for government assistance.

One unexpected thing started to happen though – online shopping was rising. Social media reach and engagement were rising. People that were locked down in their houses had nothing much else to do but to browse and shop! And not only that – people were becoming OBSESSED with updating their homes – so homewares product sales were booming! In addition to this, due to the origins of the virus and the disruption of supply of imported products, there was a groundswell of support for consumers to actively support Australian-made products.

Seeing this trend unfold, owners of Martini Furniture, a small furniture business based in Melbourne, decided now was the time to invest in social media advertising to try and gain some of the share of the people shopping up a storm.


Martini Furniture had been operating for 3 years, and had grown to a modest level through their channel partnerships with a major online homewares site without investing in any advertising. They had achieved some major wins by getting their products onto the tv show The Block for two years in a row, so that was a good base to start from.

We were working from the ground up with no database, and very minimal engagement on their existing Facebook and Instagram profiles.

We acted extremely quickly to set up a four pronged advertising strategy to increase awareness about the brand, build a database of interested people, and ultimately, grow sales with a goal of lifting sales from ave 2-4 sales per month, to 15-20 sales per month. With a high product value, this target would take the business to 75% production capacity based on existing resources.  

>> This is what we did: 


1. Targeted social advertising

We started by running targeted ads on Facebook and Instagram to direct traffic to the website and increase brand awareness. These ads used beautiful images of Martini’s upholstered bedheads, and introduced people to the brand, the fact that they were an Australian-made small business, they produced their products in 2 weeks, and offered Free Delivery Australia-wide. 

2. Email list building

We installed a pop-up form on the homepage to capture the details of website visitors, offering them 10% off their first order as an incentive. By growing the email list, we were able to increase our brand awareness through automated emails, and build our online relationship slowly to guide people through from ‘browsing’ to ‘buying’, addressing any potential objections they had prior to purchase.

3. Re-targeted advertising

We installed a Facebook Pixel on the website and after running traffic ads to increase the website visits for the first 6 weeks, we then switched over to conversion ads, highly targeted to people that had visited the site before, reinforcing the value proposition and addressing potential barriers to purchase (such as not being able to touch and feel the product prior to purchase due to being online only etc).

4. Email automation

In addition to setting up our welcome email sequence to help stay present in people’s minds, we also invested time into creating an abandon cart email sequence, to try and re-capture people that were interested enough to add our products to cart, but didn’t go through with their purchase. With each product selling for hundreds of dollars, this activity helped us convert lost sales.


We exceeded every target we had set for ourselves when we started this campaign. With a modest $2000 advertising budget spread over 6 months, we were able to achieve the following results:

We are unable to measure just how much the pandemic has impacted our results in this activity, but what we do know, is that we have built a very solid base to keep growing now during, and beyond, the market’s surge of loyalty for  Australian-made products and #supportingsmallbusiness.

*Full disclosure – Martini Furniture is owned by our founder and her husband, Erin and Leif Smart.
What better way to put your money where your mouth is and demonstrate your marketing skills than with your own business though, huh?!


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