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 We were contacted by an innovator who had spent the last seven years developing a piece of tech that met the needs of service providers in a rapidly changing market and blew the aging incumbents out of the water. This was exciting for us, as their passion for their tech and the way they were going to change the DSP and Aged Care industry was infectious. They had developed the solution. They needed us to bring the brand to life.


Our client had a preliminary logo designed, and a colour palette that had been rolled out across the platform they had designed. Other than that, it was a clean slate for us.

We set about reviewing their product and service offering, defining and understanding their target customers, researching their competitors, and then using all of this information to design their branding, websites, marketing collateral and explainer video, and then bring their solution to life with a tailored thought leadership article campaign, rolled out on LinkedIn to direct traffic to their website and complement their business development activities. 

The product encompassed a broad range of features designed to be applied in a modular way, appealing to a wide number of different audiences, so we made sure that we translated these into clear benefits throughout all of our communications.


Brand Design

We took our client’s preliminary logo and colour palette and modernised it in a way that presented professionally, and gave us scope to expand cohesively across website, print, video and digital applications. We then issued our clients with a fully designed stationary pack and brand guidelines document so they can maintain brand consistency in future.

Marketing Collateral & Video

Explaining the benefits of our client’s tech solution in a way that was easy to understand was crucial in engaging a technically apathetic target market that had been using an outdated solution for decades. We developed a targeted brochure and produced an impactful explainer video that was placed on their website homepage, explaining the benefits of their intricate and multi-faceted tech solution.

Website Design & Development

We set about designing a professional website that was easy to navigate and understand, keeping user experience front of mind throughout. We developed this in WordPress and provided our clients with a customised manual so that they could update content themselves in the future. 

Thought Leadership Campaign

With all of their brand presence in place, it was critical that we bring their four decades of experience to light and establish them as a thought leader in their space while we waited to build up their social proof.

We ghost wrote a series of articles, tailored to answer their target audience’s pain points with helpful solutions that would resonate with them, and lift the profile of our client’s tech solution in their minds.



“We were very pleased with Erin’s professionalism and efficiency in creating our branding and helping us stand out to our customers with her article writing.”

Luke Iacovelli, Managing Director, CARETAG


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