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 A client came to us with an idea for a startup in his field of expertise that would span three channels to market, require three differentiated brands but be tied together under one umbrella brand. One division would be B2C with an e-Commerce element, the other two B2B specialising in specification selling, so messaging and positioning had to be different for each. Our client was a time-poor marketer / engineer, who wanted a complete turn-key solution from us to develop his brands, translate that into websites and marketing collateral, while also developing an automated back-end, integrating with external marketplaces, payment gateways, and stock management systems. Basically, he wanted to give us the brief, give us the reigns and have us come back to him with the keys when we were done. Dream client!


Our client had the brand names locked in, but not much else. We set about creating the brand structure, guiding the client on purchasing URL’s and payment gateways, then developing the brand identities for the umbrella brand linking through to each of the three sub-brands.

We then mapped out audience personas for the three divisions and came up with three wireframes for the sub-brand websites, and a simple landing page design for the umbrella brand to tie it all together.

The client was launching the e-Commerce brand first, so we concentrated on designing and developing this, setting up selling profiles on an external marketplace, and making sure to create an automated sync in the back-end to make it easy for the client to operate.


Brand Design

Our client had a long-term vision for his start-up and could see where it could build to in the future. We took on board his goals and advice on positioning, and researched target audiences to develop brands that would resonate both in a visual and a messaging sense, while still making sense within the brand architecture.

Brand Messaging & Copywriting

Developing three brands for three different segments required an intimate understanding of target audiences. The audience personas we developed framed our focus for all brand messaging to ensure we developed impactful copy that would resonate.

Website Design & Development

With website being the primary touch point for this start-up, it was critical that we hit the mark with design, messaging and functionality for all three segments.

We concentrated on designing three separate websites that maximised user experience for each audience, included messaging that resonated, while also considering the functionality of the back-end, its integration with external applications to streamline usability.

Training & hand-over

We are all about empowering our clients, not locking up the keys, so following project completion, we hand-over a comprehensive training guide tailored to all of their branded assets, and then support them while they get up to speed with driving the ship.


“I worked with Erin throughout her corporate career, and when she was ready for a change, I encouraged her to start her own marketing agency. Erin’s ability to develop strategy and then break that down into outputs is second to none. So when I was ready to start my company, I knew I could just hand over the key and leave her to it to set up what needed to be created, and design a best in class brand. Highly recommended. “

Mark West, CEO, GroupSYS


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