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 We were engaged by global agricultural solutions company, Nufarm, at the eleventh hour to help launch and embed a brand refresh throughout their organisation, to 3100 employees, across 31 countries. They had engaged a design agency to design the creative concept and brand guidelines and then once this was complete and handover of assets had occurred, they realised they were critically short on resources to make these assets and messaging relevant to the business and launch the brand and influence uptake globally. Nufarm risked jeopardising the investment they’d already made in the new creative if they didn’t have a strong rollout and embedding plan in place.


When we were brought in, the brand refresh had been launched softly to the marketing teams, and many “kinks” in the brand assets had been ironed out.

However, it still had to be launched to the rest of the company. With 9 days to launch date, we helped identify and fill the gaps in materials needed to launch, organise things such as translations, development of tools and templates, along with how-to guides to help guide people on how to use these tools.

While the new brand refresh was exciting for some employees, we recognised that it would bring an element of “pain” to people’s day-to-day lives as they had to actively convert all of their existing documents to the new branded templates. To gain the buy-in and support of the executive team and all levels of employees globally, we helped tell the story of WHY we were changing and what it would mean for them, their region, and the company as a whole.

Embed the Brand

In order to help people embrace the new brand, we had to make it as easy as possible for everyone to understand. Rather than focusing on the WHAT, we focused on telling the story of WHY the company was investing in the brand refresh and the long-term, positive impact it will have on the company.

Created Training Guides

To help people use the tools and templates we had developed, we created a series of How-to Training Guides with detailed instructions and screenshots to clearly explain everything they needed to know. We then translated these into six key languages so that all employees across the globe would be able to easily digest the information and reduce all potential barriers to learning and adoption.

Developed Tools & Templates

To make the transition as easy as possible, we developed a number of tools and templates, to assist people in converting to the refreshed brand. We created BAU templates for things like stationary, PowerPoint, email signatures etc, and set up a central repository for easy access to branded assets.

Ongoing support

With the amount of day-to-day change we were asking of people to adopt the new brand upon roll-out, a period of ongoing support was critical in ensuring a successful launch. Following “launch” day, we actively checked in with team leaders to offer help, and encouraged everyone to ask us questions if they were getting stuck with anything, then we would help them fix the problem. This had a fundamental effect in embedding the brand.


“Erin’s ability to understand the nuances in our business, strategise the big picture of what we want to achieve and then break that down into a practical execution plan at a granular level is spectactular, and a rare find. Her systematic, hands-on approach was integral to launching our brand refresh across our global business and resulted in the most successful program launch in our company’s history. We value our ongoing relationship with Erin and her team at Impact Marketing, and can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Lynne Preston, Global Lead – Brand, Digital and Content Strategy, Nufarm


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