Writing copy that is engaging, gets the message across and reflects your brand is a skill that is often underestimated.

People often approach copywriting as an afterthought – “we just need a quick caption for our social media posts”, or “we just need some words on our website”. When people are considering buying your product or engaging you for your services, they do most of their initial research online, in a passive way. What you write and HOW you write it is the thing that your audience is using to make assumptions and decisions about you before they’ve even spoken with you! This is on your website, social media, comments on other forums, articles you have written and distributed. Many many touch points make up the story of your brand, so taking a step back and viewing your brand as a whole through your audience’s eyes is essential.

Writing copy that encompasses your brand’s tone of voice gives your audience an insight into your brand’s personality. This personality is what your audience will resonate with, fall in love with, remember and become loyal to. Engaging a skilled copywriter to develop your tone of voice (if you don’t already have one), or write within your established tone of voice is an investment in building a strong brand, and money well spent in creating a seamless customer experience.

 Writing for your website requires a specialised skill to optimise copy for search engines (SEO), so that you can be found when people search for you on a device or via voice search. Similarly, writing engaging captions that align with your content themes and pillars is essential to creating conversations with your audience, and building loyal advocates for your brand.