social media

We are here to help take the frustration and confusion out of your social media management.

Social media can be a time and money sucking beast if managed incorrectly, so we focus on providing an objective recommendation on whether social media is right for your business, help guide you to decide how much to invest in it, both financially and resource-wise, and then can help you execute your social media activity if needed.

We view social media as one component of the whole marketing mix, not the be all and end all. In all honesty, social media may not be a good focus for some brands and can easily be a distraction away from your company’s strategic goals. 

We start by understanding your internal factors such as products, services, customer base, strategic goals, marketing budget and available resources, then we analyse your external factors such as target audiences, competitor activity and industry to decide whether social media is right for your business, and if so, which platform you should concentrate on.

This is what makes us different from other agencies. We view marketing with a broad brush, we are unbiased and are not afraid to tell you what is best to invest in and what you should steer away from.

The accessibility of social media platforms for brands and businesses has been the main reason for its rise to popularity, and this has spawned whole new wave of marketing industry segments with dedicated social media specialists managing everything from content creation, influencer campaign management, user generated content, to engagement, paid ad campaigns and crisis management communications. It’s no wonder that businesses are led to believe that they MUST be active on social to be successful – there’s a whole micro-industry with a vested interest spreading this message.

We know that a lot of time and effort goes into creating content for social media, so we always recommend starting with an objective eye and developing a strategy before commencing ANYTHING, and deciding how social media can best serve your business, if at all.