Whenever anyone is considering buying a product or engaging a service, a company’s website is often the first thing they look at.
In the over-stimulated digital world we all now live in, it is crucial that your website is well designed, engaging, fit for purpose, optimised for all devices, and loads quickly.

Designing your website with the user experience in mind will ensure that the information you include on your website is relevant, easy to understand, and laid out in a way that is logical to your viewer.

We design and develop websites for our clients with their audience in mind. We delve into understanding our clients’ business offering, their existing and target customers, our clients’ industry (and any regulatory must-haves), and then set about creating a sitemap and wireframe that is going to create an enjoyable user experience for their audience, and achieve their goals of either capturing leads, converting sales, or serving as an extension of their other marketing collateral and informing the market. We do build in future-proofing capability where possible to prepare for expansion and growth and we design the back end to integrate with our clients’ existing systems where necessary, to streamline for efficiency.

Once we have nailed the structure, we then overlay our design eye and create a consistently branded and engaging interface that will capture attention and delight the audience.

We have a preference for WordPress here, due to its open-source, customisable nature, and it’s ability to seamlessly integrate with leading MarTech such as CMS, inventory management and payment gateway systems. We are passionate about helping elevate our clients’ technical capability and empowering clients to understand and manage their own assets, so at the completion of each website development, we present our clients with a customised training manual on how to edit and update the content of their new website, and then we hand over the keys.

We will of course be here to assist afterwards, as and when you need it.

some of our design WORK

Consistency is key for us when it comes to branded design – we make sure that all of design work reflects the brand identity of the client we are working with, and is designed in away that will resonate with their target audience and can translate across different mediums.

Here are some examples of our graphic designs: